Examination Administration

The Department is charged with scores of functions, the major ones being:

Registration of candidates and examination centers

Registration of candidates is undertaken for both school and private candidates depending on the type of examinations and examination season; The types of examinations in which Private Candidates are involved are Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE), Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSEE) and Qualifying test (Q.T.)

Problems facing registration process

    Non-adherence to registration deadlines:

    Different examination seasons have equally different registration and late registration schedules: some examination centres and private candidates fail to meet registration deadlines thereby adversely affecting the registration process. The major cause of untimely arrival of registration documents from up-country is infrastructure. The vastness of the country and its inefficient communication system in terms of roads, railways and postal services contribute to late arrival of registration documents from centres

    Payment of Examination Fees:

    Is not a smooth process because registration can often be made without proof of payment of registration fees. Failure of proof of registration fee payment always leads to withholding results of such candidates

    Non-submission of Continuous Assessment Data (C.A. Data):

    Schools and Colleges are supposed to timely forward their candidates ' Continuous Assessment Data to NECTA in line with laid down delivery schedules for each examination season. Since C.A. data contributes to final assessment of candidates, their absence leads to non-processing of the final results of the affected candidates. Therefore it becomes cumbersome to reprocess the results of candidates from different centres whose C.A. data availability is irregular. Hence Incomplete C.A. data means non-processing of such results

    Submission of Incomplete records from Private Candidates:

    Some private candidates provide incomplete records of their previous examinations thereby suffering being categorised as disqualified and therefore non-registration for particular examinations.

Distribution of examinations to centers

Once the examinations have been printed in the Printing and Publications Department, their distribution to the Regional Headquarters is the prerogative of the Department of Examinations Administration.

Distribution of examinations is accomplished through several designated routes, by road, railway, sea and air. At this stage security consideration is a top priority in which State Organs are involved. With regard to distribution by road each route is comprised of the following personnel:

  • Examinations Officer from NECTA
  • Police Officer (fully armed)
  • State Security Officer (half armed)
  • Drivers from NECTA.

Route destination

The destination for each route, which originates at NECTA premises, is the Regional Headquarters where the Regional Education Officer (REO), Regional Police Commander (RPC) and the Regional Security Officer (RSO) are on stage to receive the consignment. This security conscious team in turn forwards the consignment to the district level delegations of District Education Officer (DEO), Officer Command District (OCD) and District Security Officer (DSO). It is at this level that examinations are finally handed to the Heads of Schools and Colleges and external supervisors for safe custody in established strong rooms in town and rural areas.


External Supervisors for examination centres are appointed by the Regional Committee for Administration of National Examinations on behalf of NECTA. Qualities of the appointed Supervisors are:

  • Honesty/Diligence
  • Teaching experience of not less than three years
  • Sound health.


Invigilators are also appointed by the Regional Committee for the administration of National Examinations. Their duty is to ensure that the candidates in the examination halls/rooms adhere to examination rules and regulations for the whole examination period.

Returning the worked scripts to NECTA

The system of returning scripts to NECTA from examination centres follows the same procedures employed during the distribution process. NECTA officers travel to the Regional Headquarters to collect the worked scripts from the Regional Committee for Administration of National Examinations. In certain circumstances it is cost effective for the Regional Examination Committee to bring the scripts straight to NECTA.

Sorting of worked scripts for marking

Once the worked scripts are brought to NECTA premises from the Regional Headquarters the sorting process begins whereby scripts are repacked according to earmarked Marking Centres. This process is carried out in the Centering Room of the Printing and Publications Department under strict supervision of Heads of Section of the Department of Administration of Examinations.